About Us

Finance and investment talk can sound like a foreign language. It’s no wonder the National Institute of Retirement Security estimates 95% of millennials have underfunded retirement accounts and 66% of millennials have nothing saved at all. We founded BuildWealth to help translate for you.

BuildWealth was founded by successful millennials from the finance industry who wanted to help make sense of the investment world to fellow young adults. Access to markets has become easier and cheaper than ever before due to technology and competition. We founded this platform to share our best practices, our saving and investing strategies, and our opinions on the market.

Our promise:

We will always provide what we think is the best advice for our readers. This is why we made BuildWealth a subscription service from the onset. We do not accept money from institutions pushing funds or services that may not be best for our community. So why not invest in your financial health for less than you pay for your gym membership?


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